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October 12, 2022

What is the average cost of a refurbished phone

A refurbished phone is your best bet, especially when you are on a tight budget. Even if you are not financially challenged, a refurbished phone should be your priority when looking for a “new” phone. It offers a host of benefits, and a reduced price is one of its advantages. But, how cheap is a refurbished mobile anyway? How much is its average cost? If you want to know the answers to these questions, read.

What is a refurbished mobile anyway?

First, let us understand the concept of refurbishment and a refurbished mobile. A refurbished mobile finds its way back to the original manufacturer because of some manufacturing faults, or the owner chooses to do so due to any other reason. The manufacturer performs different series of tests on the phone, removes them, and restores it to its original condition. It also offers a new warranty on the phone and eventually resells it.

Why go for a refurbished mobile?

You can avail several benefits by opting for a refurbished mobilr. We present some of them below.

It won’t break your bank account:

While the discounts on refurbished mobiles aren’t huge, they are still substantial and much less than the original price. You get a much lower price for a certified, quality, and guaranteed product. Companies like Apple and Samsung’s refurbished section offerings are always in high demand and are often gone instantly.

It is good for the environment:

If you favour a refurbished product over a new one, you are extending its life span. You are also saving the materials that would otherwise go into producing the new phones. So, you are doing your bit in contributing to a greener planet with less e-waste and saving precious resources. As you may know, e-waste is a matter of concern now, and in 2021, 50 million metric tons of e-waste were dumped in our dumping grounds.

A win-win situation for all:

By buying a refurbished mobile, you get a quality phone with all the modern perks and features that you could hope for in your smartphone. You also get it at a very low price. If you look at it, it is an ideal situation where everyone benefits. The seller gets it sold, you get a new phone, and it is good for the environment too.

No contracts whatsoever:

Buying a new phone via a network service provider will also bind you to use its services. It restricts you to that network no matter how its service is. If you are a frequent international traveller, you cannot use a local SIM on your phone and using the original SIM overseas is very costly. But a refurbished iPhone is free from any such restrictions. You get a phone that you can use on any network in any country.

A guaranteed product:

A refurbished mobile comes with a warranty depending on where you buy it from. Companies like Apple and Samsung give comprehensive warranties on their refurbished mobiles. Third-party suppliers of refurbished phones also provide warranty on their phones. It is another great incentive to buy a refurbished phone.

What is the average cost of a refurbished phone?

This question is difficult to answer as we cannot quantify the cost of a refurbished phone. It depends on various factors, and we list some of them below;

  • The make and model of the phone
  • Year of manufacture
  • The extent and level of the refurbishment
  • The company that is performing refurbishment
  • Labour and material cost of refurbishment

We have listed some of the factors that affect the average cost of a refurbishment. There can be other factors too that influence the price of a refurbished phone. But the above are the most common and popular ones.

With that having said, we can cautiously say that the average cost of a refurbished phone ought to be at least 15% lower than the price of its brand-new counterpart. Again, it is not a cardinal rule and can vary depending on some of the factors we have listed above.

From where should you buy a refurbished monile?

It would be best if you buy refurbished phones from the original manufacturer. However, if you want to buy it from an aftermarket supplier, then Wise Market Australia, should be your seller of choice. It provides its phones with an unprecedented 13-month warranty and a 21-day money-back guarantee, unlike any other supplier in the industry. You also get a dedicated help centre to provide after-sale service, and it has a state-of-the-art facility to provide refurbishment. All these and many other qualities make it an ideal site to shop for refurbished phones.


That is all on our topic about the average cost of a refurbished phone. We hope we have adequately answered this question, and now you can fairly assume the average cost of a refurbished phone. We hope you will get a great buy.



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